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Applifier® for Facebook & Web Games

User acquisition for Facebook and web games is expensive. Sometimes the cost of acquiring a new user is more than what that user brings back in revenue. Applifier can help you keep your user acquisition cost in check by offering an alternative to paid user acquisition.

Applifier operates the world's largest game cross-promotion network with 150 million monthly active users. Applifier has successfully helped deliver over 120 million free installs to Facebook games to date. Applifier also provides the same service for web games running outside of Facebook.

Using Applifier in your Facebook or web game lets you take advantage of the world's leading cross-promotion platform. Our extensive feature set lets you quickly grow your game's userbase by getting new users for free! See how it works.

Apply to join Applifier and see for yourself why over 800 games rely on Applifier to help drive their growth!


Applifier® Cross-Promotion Bar

The Applifier® cross-promotion bar is easy to embed into any game and it helps you get more traffic to your game with no additional cost.

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In-App Discovery

Applifier® In-App Discovery enhances the effectiveness of cross-promotion by capturing the attention of idle players and players who are about to leave your game.

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Games on Applifier®

Games on Applifier® helps players find new games based on what their friends and other players are playing on the Applifier network.

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A/B Testing

Want to create the perfect ad? Create multiple ads to A/B test different artwork and calls to action, and refine your pitch.


Bring your users back using Applifier's retargeting features. Target ads to users based on how often they play and when they played last.


Applifier automatically bookmarks the user's most frequently played games as "Favorites" to provide an easy way back to your game.


Looking just for U.S. users? Use Applifier's geo-targeting to get the traffic you want.

Filter by genre

Is your game in a popular genre? Turn on filtering and improve your retention.

House ads

Running multiple games? Use house ads to promote your own games through the Applifier cross-promotion bar.

Allocate traffic

Launching a new game? You can allocate the traffic you earn to support the launch of a new game.

Real time statistics

We provide real time statistics and daily summaries to keep you updated. Statistics can also be easily exported.

More coming

We are continually adding tools and features to Applifier that help our members grow.

Deploying is fast and easy!

Sign up and setup

Sign up and configure your app URLs and your preferences.

Setup your ads

Upload the ads, configure URLs and set targeting.

Insert embed code to your template

Grab the code and add it to your application's template.