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Your users play multiple games

Your users play multiple games and use several different apps in addition to your own. When you join Applifier’s Facebook, Open Web or Mobile service, you tap into the largest and highest quality cross-promotion network trusted by over 800 leading games and social applications.

How it works is simple: If your user goes to another game from your game via Applifier, you get a new user coming back to your game. For free.

Does it really work?

Yes! – Applifier is trusted by hundreds of game developers who have seen great results from using Applifier. Cross-promotion is net positive for everybody, because gamers want diverse experiences and they play many games in parallel. This behavior is exactly the reason why Applifier works so well; When a gamer exits your game via cross-promotion, they aren't leaving for good.

But don't take our word for it. Try it out and see for yourself. Applifier is free to use and integration is fast and easy.

Send one user, get one user. It works.

Applifier works by linking high quality games together and sharing users between them. We ensure a fair exchange across the network and help everybody grow through our service. When one of your players finds another game to try out via Applifier, we promote your game across the network to get you another player coming back in.

Applifier is created by game developers for game developers to help reduce user acquisition costs and provide economies of scale that typically are only available for the very largest publishers. We’ve made it easy and trustworthy to share players with other game developers and to reap the benefits from tapping into natural user behavior.

Applifier is already trusted by over 800 games by hundreds of developers on various platforms to provide them with cross-promotion. We’ve delivered over 120 million installs to date. For free. Sign up now!

You don’t pay anything, it’s ad-supported

Applifier is free to use for all participating game developers. You don’t need to pay us anything to get new users.

We pay for the bills by serving paid game ads next to the cross-promotion ads. If you are interested in getting more players faster through paid campaigns, please get in touch.

The Benefits of Cross Promotion
Why Applifier?
  • Your players try out new games, you get new players in return, for free
  • Your players keep playing your game, because they play multiple games at any given time
  • Manage churn and bounce with Applifier: if a player is already leaving your game, Applifier can help replace this player with another one
  • Promote your game to a vast number of players interested in finding new, fun games
  • It’s free to use
  • Provide a great service for your users, who are already looking for new, fun games
  • Applifier promotes only games and high quality entertainment – get quality players and avoid offering them irrelevant content
  • Applifier focuses on cross promotion – we deliver real results and focus on helping your grow for free
  • Applifier is proven – over 120 million game installs delivered for free
  • Applifier pays attention to details – customized, great looking ads that fit your game
  • Applifier puts you in control – use our sophisticated dashboard to track and optimize your ads
  • Applifier is easy to use – Integration is a breeze

Games and entertainment apps

Applifier is cross-promotion network for games and entertainment applications on Facebook, Open Web and Mobile. If you are developing or publishing high quality games or entertainment apps, we'd love to help you grow.

Focus on high quality

Our members make awesome games that users enjoy and share with their friends. We review every application before it can join Applifier to make sure that the users find fun, high quality gaming experiences.

From small indies to the big ones

We work with a wide variety of great companies from small independent game developers to large publishers with a portfolio of several titles. We can start working with you when your application is live and has traffic to cross-promote through Applifier. See some of the over 800 awesome apps that we are thrilled to help to grow.

Actual performance of a social game that joined Applifier during the first week of August 2010. Note: growth is not solely due to Applifier. Source: Appdata.com

What are the results?

Applifier gives you a boost on your existing traffic, no matter if it's been acquired virally or through paid campaigns. Applifier provides compounded growth day after day and has helped member games grow very rapidly.

No money required

Applifier is free as “you don't pay any money to use Applifier“. In some of our networks we do charge a commission on the clicks exchanged through Applifier. For example on our Facebook network when you exchange 100 clicks through Applifier you earn 100 clicks minus our commission. If you want all the details, apply to join Applifier now.

Reach over 150 million MAU who already play games or use social apps

Applifier's networks reach over 150 million monthly active users who are already playing games and using social apps. They already know how to install and play games or social apps accross our supported platforms. They are also likely to invite their friends to join in on the fun. Our members on Facebook tell us that in terms of conversion, virality and retention Applifier's traffic performs close to pure viral traffic, which is the golden standard. We are constantly improving Applifier to find the best users for your games, be they mobile, social or web gamers.

Facebook and Web

Reach 150 million monthly active users and cross-promote your games in over 800 great apps.


Applifier is now available for iOS, Android and HTML5 games. Get new mobile users for free!

In-App Discovery

Leverage the benefit of cross-promotion through effective in-app advertising.