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Engage and acquire
the best players

  • Show off your game the way it was meant to be seen
  • Engage users before they start playing your game
  • Target the most desirable users with access to our 250 million player profiles
  • Risk Free: only pay when a qualified user installs your game

Monetize all your players
at the highest rate

  • Get paid for every completed view
  • Earn your daily ARPU or more with one video view
  • Reinvest your earnings and get a 25% bonus in new users
  • Players love discovering games and earning virtual items

Get the most effective all-in-one solution for acquiring and monetizing your users.

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Static banners are dead.
Bring your games to life with video

You've just pushed the latest build of your game online. Countless hours of blood, sweat and tears as well as considerable budget has poured into development. You're ready to show your game to the world and see it grow!

Which one would you choose to tell players about your game?

Engage and acquire
the best users

Show off your game as it was meant to be experienced with all the full motion gameplay, rich graphics and innovative game mechanics that you've built. Impress new players with an engaging 30-60 second game trailers. The players love it as they know exactly what they get when they install your game.

That’s why Impact sourced players retain and monetize at a higher rate. It’s risk free as you pay nothing unless a player installs your game.

Don’t have a game trailer? No worries, our professional video editing team will create your game trailer for free as part of your first Impact campaign.

Why Impact?

  • Get superior targeting with >250 million player profiles
  • Advertise to qualified players within great games
  • Engage players with a trailer before they install
  • Get the best players and only pay per install
  • No trailer? Get a professional game trailer for free!

"We've been able to acquire surprisingly high quality users. Impact is a new, more effective way to acquire players with game trailers."

Angus Lovitt, Director of perfomance marketing, King.com

Show off your game the way it deserves to be seen and get the best players.

Get Impact!

Get the highest monetization

Only 3-5% of your active users convert to payers. What do you with the rest who won’t convert in your game?

Get ads that users love and drive the highest monetization.

Monetize to drive revenue and growth

Impact outperforms other in-game advertising by showing ads that users love from great game publishers, who know the value of acquiring highly qualified, engaged players. Impact leverages the natural behavior of social gamers: they play multiple games and only convert to payers if they find the right game for them.

Users, who play on Facebook, play on average over six games per month (source: Applifier statistics, measured across >150 million monthly users). Games that offer complementary experiences, e.g. a casino game and a city builder, don’t cannibalize each other as users want more than just one game.

Your non-converting user is another game’s paying user. Impact lets players find their most wanted games with exciting game trailers, that are highly targeted with Applifier’s 250 million unique player profiles.

Impact is the most effective all-in-one solution for acquiring and monetizing your users. Re-invest your earnings to acquire highly qualified users and get 25% boost for more users!

Why Impact?

  • Get the highest payout and fill rates
  • Earn your daily ARPU with one video view
  • Player love it: relevant, opt-in, earn a free virtual item
  • Seamless part of your game UI
  • Integrate in just one day and start earning
  • Get paid or re-invest with 25% boost

"We've seen huge growth in SongPop and Applifier Impact has helped us effectively monetize those users. We are very pleased with the results with Impact."

Olivier Michon, CTO of FreshPlanet