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New new new nyan!

It’s been a while on the blog, so let’s go through the latest things down at the office.

New office!

We moved our base of operations from Valimo to Helsinki city center and now enjoy the huge increase of lunch places and space. Our old office began to get crowded when our headcount went over 20 and we had guys sitting on-top of each others laps. So the extra space was very welcome! We are still in the way of renovating the interiors, but its starting to feel like a home/office already.


New guys!

Related to the previous, we have new guys working with us since the last blog post. We got some more project & account management, art and tech power to boost our production and that has become visible with several new products that have been done within the last 7 months.

New products!

Our Facebook bar has been updated several times to support html5, HTTPS, fluid canvas, vertical mode and better statistics for developers. Besides the cross-promo bar we have built Applifier mobile for iOS&Android, Discovery in-app adds, Product Bundle and of course these new shiny webpages.

Currently we are building up the mobile developer base, running the Facebook banner for larger audience than ever and as a next step we are now working with something very exciting to boost Facebook developers’ retention. This short post can’t recap all the exciting stuff that has happened in the past months, but its a start. We’ll keep updating the blog more frequently in the future :)

Also we now have an office dog Nella.

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  1. Allan Mäkikuisma says:

    What an fine and dandy website you have here!

  2. Well done guys – keep up the good work.Nice to Nella joining the team…now you’re not the only ones who are barking….(English joke)

    Good luck for 2012(not that you’ll need it)

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